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boys and dora the explorer?

my son gets a lot of funny looks because he likes Dora. I just bought him a dora phone (which he loves) but I’ve seen so many other parents giving him funny looks when he uses it, what the hell is wrong with a 2 year old boy liking dora the explorer?

How important do you think video game women are to kids’ perspectives on gender?

I was thinking the other day about Chun Li in the Street Fighter games. She was really a rather breakthrough character, in that she was the first one (so far as I know) to be a hero rather than damsel. Moreover, she was not created as an inferior fighter to the males. Of the 8 original characters, she was the fastest fighter (hence the one I was the best at till I got to play Vega.)

Contrast this with video games in the early 80s. Any females would either be nonexistant or objects to be rescued–a trend that continued well after Chun Li in some cases. I never thought of women as lessers, as a child. I know some people have strong female role models in their real life, but I didn’t, and not everyone else did either. Sometimes stories are all you have to go by.

So how important do you think this is anyway? For all those kids who have no other strong woman in their world, how much difference do you think a video game character can make?
By the way, I think presenting women as sex objects (such as Dead or Alive 3 where there are more female fighters than males, and most of them expose their panties with every move) creates its own problems. How important is it that more female characters be presented as important for whoever they are, and whatever they do, rather than how hot they are?
Oh, and outside of fighting games, if you played as Princess Toadstool in Super Mario 2, her only useful trait was that her dress let her ‘hover’ in the air. Fantastic.
Koreaguy: Good points, but is promoting a female character whose only redeeming characteristic that she kicks ass the best kind of female role model? (Particularly when she has to be HOT and kick ass.)
Robinson: That’s kind of my point. If video games teach boys the only measure of worth is physical superiority, and then they realize in the real world women usually aren’t the combat equals of men, how has this helped them get any sort of positive impression of women?

Weird cartoon movie? Can you please help?

The main character is a boy and no one in the movie talks, its weird and i think its set in either arabia or maybe asian. He follows this man around and i think it has something to do with a jewel or something. Its a really old animated movie, please help.its not the thief and the cobbler, it’s really old and the boy is tan is looking for something because the man has a jewel and there is this lady that he see’s. it’s really old and literally there is no talking in the movie.
Somehow has to do wth jewels. IT’S NOT ALLADIN OR THE THEIF AND THE COBRA. It may be set in the 1930′s – 1970′s.

How long does it take to become proficient in a sport?

I’m 16, fit and strong, but I never found a team sport I liked, I did a bit of sport as a kid but never was pushed to find a sport or continue one, I was either very average at a sport or didn’t get the opportunity or motivation to find one I liked.

I recently, found a sport that interested me, Aussie Rules Football and I got a grasp of the fundamentals quite quickly which is a good sign, I’ve been practicing daily for a couple of weeks and I’m improving, but even if I wanted to play, I’d be a mile behind the other kids who have grown up and have played half their lives. The lack of sport in my adolescence has left me a little unco, how long will it take to get to an acceptable standard, is the sport worth pursuing still? How often should I practise, how long for?

Thanks guys
I don’t mean I want to be a pro, I just want to be at a reasonably good level, for a teenager anyway.

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