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Good ideas for annual high school musicals?

So my high school does not have the best theatre department, I mean we have great equipment and sets and crew but the singing isnt very amazing. So what would be good, fun, and well-known musicals for high school that doesnt require tooooooo much talent? hahahaha thanks! :)
Oh and also we have a ton more girls then we do boys.

Study Tips For Long Periods?

how do i study for long periods of time? my parents think im not doing study because i go to my room and do it. i want to study at the dining room table but my parents wont think that i study for long enough. at the moment i study for about 1 and a half hours a day. i want to do like 3 hours a day. help please. im in year 10 (15 years old)

Does anyone remember a cartoon show that had a character named Noodle?

i remember watching a tv show not that many years ago and it was like a group of these little things that all lived in a house together and i remember in one episode they went to an island and there were monkeys there. i think they had this one vehicle they could drive and change it into a plane or a submarine thing..

thanks for the answers.. but it was called the save ums
thanks anyway

Family bonding activities?

What are some activities that myself, husband and 17 month old daughter can do as a family?
It feels as though when we go out to the mall or walk through the park, that we’re just walking around and not really spending quality time together.

What are some activities – indoor or outdoor; that we can do together that will really make us feel like we’re spending time as a family?

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